Writing for Food – Writing for Fun

I once told a good friend of mine that I write to put food on the table. That was true, but it’s not exactly the whole story. There’s a difference between being a Freelance Writer, and being an Author. I wear both hats. Allow me to explain the functions of each one. The Freelance Writer

Keeping Track of Submissions

This process has become so overcomplicated, it’s ludicrous. I mean, there are even apps out there and complicated doodads to keep track of where you’ve submitted. It’s insane. Listen, you want to get published. Yes, of course! It’s only natural. But this should be the least stressful part of being a writer. Unfortunately, it’s often

Editing Your First Draft: A Tale of Terror

I once told you to go edit yourself after a break of about six weeks. So, let’s say those six weeks have passed, and you’re ready to start editing your manuscript. So, there it is — 60, 70, 100, 200,000 words — all sitting there just staring at you, waiting for those first cuts or

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