A Question on Quora

This week I’d like to share with you an answer I posted on Quora. If you like the answer and are a member, I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for it. Quora is an excellent Q&A site with a great number of experts on topics. I’m glad to be a part of it. Now onto

Important Writing Tools

A fan via Facebook message writes: What tools do you use to write? There are a lot of people who want tools, gadgets, and apps to test out or play with while writing. Sometimes it lends a false sense of productivity, or an excuse NOT to write, but they can be useful. Do you use

The Importance of a Concordance

Writing a single short story doesn’t typically require anything more than a few notes so you can keep your characters straight (unless you have just one or two characters to juggle, and if that can’t be done without notes, you’re in trouble). But when you’re writing a novel, a series, or have plans to do

Write Away

The week before last (couldn’t post last week due to other writing projects taking precedence) I went on a bit about needing a muse, or rather, not needing a muse. That’s what this whole blog is about, after all. In my personal life, I’ve been stressed out to my limits. I won’t get into why,