To the Veterans in my family, and the Veterans who are my friends, as well as the Active Duty men and women whom I know and love, and hell, even the ones I don’t: THANK YOU.

My mother once told me that, when she was a little girl and would see the WWII soldiers who were home on leave, that she was so in awe of them for what they were doing for our country that she could not meet their eyes. She would hang her head and stare at her shoes, so humbled by the fact that they were willing to risk their lives for us.

I have sat in rooms with Vets with PTSD, who have survived Hel’s wrath, looked her in the eye, and said, ‘not today.’ I have consoled (or tried to, anyway) the loved ones who will never see their sons, daughters, brothers, or sisters ever again because they were killed in action. I have seen tears, anguish, and amazing strength and coping skills in dealing with things that were so ugly, that they would knock some people right on their asses and they would never recover.

Today I remember those who lost their lives so I could open my big fat mouth.

You are not forgotten.

Humbly yours,
Anne Lucienne.