Some time ago, I put up a short story here called Left In The Cold, which was about a creature in the antarctic. Well, Jane Living, the main character, is still taking up quite a bit of space in my head.

Her story isn’t finished, and while I’m fairly satisfied with that short story, I believe it should be incorporated into a larger work.

She and Livvy are part of my universe and I don’t want to let go of them so easily. It seems to me that they still have stories to tell, so I’m now working on a novel about them. This is all while Silver Hollow is in its final edit stage and Perceptions is just starting on its final edits. Mercy Hospital is in its ‘settling’ phase: that’s the part where I leave it alone for some time so I can put some distance between it and look at it with detached, fresh perspective.

As a writer, I have to keep going. So eventually, you will see Left In The Cold for sale at the Amazon store, but it will be part of a much larger work, and the version here will look quite a bit different than what you’d read in the novel.

Jane Living is a strong voice in my head, and she can’t wait to get out. I just hope it doesn’t kill her in the process. It might. One never knows what will happen once the process starts. Not even me sometimes.

Author Bio: Anne Hogue-Boucher is an American writer currently living in Atlanta. She is almost certain she’s been placed in a real-life weird fiction tale where people consider her to be potentially extraterrestrial. She neither confirms nor denies these suspicions in order to continue enjoying a quiet life away from Area 51. Follow her on @Spellvira or on Facebook at The Macabre Author. Also, eat your peas.

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