I found this article from Authors Publish (and encourage all writers to subscribe to their newsletter. In this article, Stupid Things Authors Believe, Part 1, Kurt Bubna tackles the idea that if it’s not ‘original,’ it should be scrapped.

I’d also like to add my two cents on the stupid things authors believe. There are plenty of them. But for this week, I will focus on the point of Bubna’s article.

Everything you write is a retelling of something else. Everything. Somewhere, some time, someone had the idea and put it out there. But that’s okay!

Why is it okay? Because you’ve never done it before. So you bring a unique perspective to it. Just be sure to bring that voice of yours to the table rather than imitating someone else’s.

Having trouble finding your voice? Keep a journal. Don’t think about what you want to put in there, and don’t think about making it interesting or artistic. Just get in there and start writing. Your voice will come out, and it will be unique.

To get started, grab a notebook and a pen. Sit down and write me a letter. Seriously. Tell me some things you want me to know. Send them to me via Facebook if you want. I promise I’ll read them, and I’ll even answer some of them if I have the time.

Don’t worry about not being original. Don’t worry about being the next Lovecraft or the next Stephen King or the next whatever. Just find your voice. Find what makes your perspective interesting. The rest will flow.

Now stop believing stupid things and get writing.