In October of 2015, I shared Left In The Cold – A Short Story with my faithful and wonderful readers and followers, who are, as I’ve said, faithful and wonderful.

Right now, I have included this short story in a novel I’m working on, which describes what happened to Jane and Livingston after their incident with this strange creature.

I’m almost 57,000 words in, and it’s not one of my typical horror stories. Oh, rest assured it’s weird fiction, all right, but it’s more character-driven than plot-driven. I thought for sure it would be plot-driven throughout, but Jane’s voice is too strong for that.

So yes, this novel is coming along, and I’m in the final third of the tale.

As for Silver Hollow, the editing process hit a technical hiccup today, but I’m working on fixing that. I hope to be on track soon, because I’d like to have it published in time for Halloween. I’m almost finished editing chapter two now, and it’s fun. I look forward to having people read it and (fingers crossed) enjoy it.

Silver Hollow takes place in my own private universe, as do all of my stories. In my universe, the world is just a tad different. I’m hopeful the differences will serve as a reminder that you, dear reader, are no longer home, and the world you’re visiting is not one of sunshine and rainbows. And in the rare times the sun shines, it scorches the visitor’s neck and the rainbows are solid and capable of strangling him or her. Ha ha.

Actually, the sun shines a lot in my universe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something sinister slithering just beneath the surface, ready to break through any minute and leave the world in ruins.

I discovered the same thing is happening with the novel, Left in the Cold. There are good things that happen in it, but when I reread the work, I notice an underpinning of dread that seems to just lie there in wait. It’s like a metaphor for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Everything is going well but the person is just waiting for that moment where everything goes wrong.

And in my stories, it will. Just give it time.

I am a writer. You can get some cheap entertainment by reading one of my short stories for under a buck. I also hang around Twitter and Facebook sometimes. Come follow me and we’ll be weird together. Or not. I respect your non-weirdness.