I’m sharing this via (5) Anne L. Hogue-Boucher’s answer to Are horror writers less easily scared than normal people? – Quora because I love to answer anything and everything at this site.

I’m considering doing an in-depth look at writing mentally ill characters. Far too many people overuse terms like “psychopath” and have no idea what they’re talking about. A famous example of this is Steven Moffat. He honestly has no clue, and I’m puzzled as to why he’s so interested in making psychopaths out of people who just aren’t.

Possibly because he’s a complete buffoon. Possibly because he is willfully ignorant.

Anyway, I tire of the trend of idiots who think they know psychology because they read that pop-culture magazine all about psychology … who shall remain unnamed.

Still toying with the idea, and not sure I’m sold on it. Let me know your thoughts by hitting me up on Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime, happy writing!