I took a break from The Editor’s Corner this week to bring you a poem I’m working on. It still needs some revisions, but I like the way it flows so far.


The Lady of the Roses

She walks among the roses fair
symphony playing through the air
muted, soft, and gentle still
this Lady with the Iron will

her passion, now, feverish delight
bothered all throughout the night
bringing him upon his knees
ignoring all his crying pleas

to stay. To stay and never wander,
the Lady shakes her head to ponder.
Why should I go? Why should I stay?
To hear you cry “won’t you come play?”

The night has passed, The Lady walks
to whispers of the wind and stalks
of grass bowing to their knees
Lady of the Roses, won’t you please?

Delight, delight, she shakes her head,
and returns into her lover’s bed
He turns a quiet gaze—her face
is peaceful with a rose’s grace

She sleeps in deepest red repose
This Lady of the Darkest Rose.

© 2017 by Anne Hogue-Boucher. Reprint with express permission from the author.

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