Michael Myers is practically my boyfriend. At least you’d think so judging by the way I consume the Halloween movies and lore of the several different retellings and story lines.

He’s by far my favorite horror figure. The Shape of nightmares. The man behind the bushes. He is cat-like, the way he stalks his prey, and the way he moves in for the kill.

I answer questions about him on Quora quite often. Below I’ve added a round-up of questions and answers regarding The Shape.

Is Michael Myers an INTJ or an ISTP?

Neither. Michael Myers cannot be tested in any manner. He can only be observed. He is the ultimate blank slate where people project their own beliefs and insecurities.

He is a force of nature and the bogeyman. Michael Myers gives zero fucks as to what anyone thinks. He simply is.

I sometimes call him Twisted Zen. He exists in a detached state beyond fear of consequence and human morality. A tornado doesn’t care where it hits, but it hits just the same.

This is true of Myers. You can try to put an inventory on him, but it will always be more telling of you than he.

What personality type does Michael Myers have?

None. Michael Myers is a blank slate. Whatever you think he is, he isn’t. He’s a reflection of your fears and desires, or your general ideas on humanity ( or lack thereof).

He cannot be tested nor persuaded. He is a force of nature.

Would you consider “Halloween” a rip-off of “Psycho”?

No. The stories are unique to each other and not at all alike. Norman Bates isn’t silent, institutionalized, or has a doctor who thinks he’s evil.

Michael Myers had no attachments to anyone, and there is no evidence he was abused by his mother.

What do you think Michael Myers does in his spare time?

Michael Myers doesn’t do anything. He just waits.

Waits for what? An opportunity to kill. We as the viewer have no idea what triggers him, what his motives are, or what makes one person his victim and why he’ll leave someone else alone.

Myers doesn’t do anything. Loomis even says he seems like the ideal patient. He just sits, looking out the window, waiting.

There is no “spare time” for Michael. His mind seems unfettered by trivialities. He is inhumanly patient and able to wait.

And then he kills.

He’s a force of nature. There is no spare time for a hurricane, and so it goes with Myers.

I have other answers on Michael Myers, I believe. I’ll be sure to create a part two the next time I come across them.

Image of Michael Myers is courtesy of cshepherd651 on flickr.

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