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How do you watch scary movies and sleep peacefully?

That’s actually easy for me. I think about ways the most disturbing imagery could help improve my writing. If something particularly stood out or gave me a good scare, then I want to incorporate it into my world.

Also, movies have their place in fiction. I can distinguish between reality and fantasy, so I don’t fear anything paranormal. As for home invasion horror, woe betide the unlucky soul who trespasses. I’ve got adrenaline to spare, I can aim, and I’m well aware of how to defend myself.

Also, I have a cat who will growl and get in my face to wake me up when there’s something dangerous. When I worked nights, the maintenance people where I lived decided they’d come over in the morning while I was sleeping, and didn’t knock. Before they opened the door my cat woke me up growling. I heard a voice and then the door just opened.

No one identified themselves, so I thought it was a home invasion and grabbed my weapon, greeting them at the hallway. They both froze and identified themselves. Where was my cat? Right by my side still growling like an attack dog just waiting for the command to strike.

Once I saw their identification, I told them that next time they better follow policy and announce who they are (knock next time!). Had I been trigger happy or overcome with fear, the ending to that would be tragic.

I also had to tell my cat he did a great job. He watched the maintenance guys the whole time and stayed on high alert until they left.

So I sleep well with these and my several other security measures that I like to keep to myself for security purposes.


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