What are some horrifying childhood stories?

This post originally appeared on Quora February 19, 2020. What are some childhood horrifying stories? I have several and have detailed them in other answers. I survived attempted murder when I was eight. That same year, I survived two attempted kidnappings. The attempted murder was a neighbor who tried to drown me in our backyard

They’re Creepy & They’re Kooky

These posts originally appeared on Quora. I am a die-hard Addams Family fan. Are the Addams Family considered evil or just insanely obscure? The Addams family is not evil, nor are they really considered evil by fans of the show/comic/films. They’re eccentric and… They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky! They’re altogether ooky the

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman…

This post originally appeared on Quora March 21, 2020. Is Candyman a scary movie? For some people, yes, Candyman is a scary movie. Some people I know, to this day, will not say “Candyman” in a mirror five times for fear of what will happen to them. Typically these are people who are superstitious or

Attacks on Horror Part II

Here are a few more subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on the horror genre. These posts first appeared on Quora. Is it true that the more you watch thriller horror movies, the more will you think bad about life? Not at all. There is no evidence to support this idea at all. In fact, horror films

Do you think you can survive a horror movie if it happens to you in reality?

This post first appeared on Quora January 21, 2020 Do you think you can survive a horror movie if it happens to you in reality? Depends on the type of horror, I suppose! Paranormal? Cosmic horror? Michael Myers? I’m generally able to think my way out of dangerous situations and act when necessary. I’ve had

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