October Frights Blog Hop: A Duo of Dread

Hello, horror aficionados! The second day of our October Frights Blog Hop is here, and we’re eager to share some reads from fellow horror bloggers. 🎃

The World of James P Nettles

First on our list is James P Nettles, who is a science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction author, using his background in cultural anthropology and sociology. If you’ve got a penchant for exploring the murkier corners of the human mind, this is one blog you won’t want to pass up.

👉 Visit James P Nettles’ Blog

The Transatlantic Terror of Carmilla Voiez

Next, we’re hopping over to the UK to feature the work of Carmilla Voiez, a British horror author with a unique flair. Her blog offers an intriguing blend of dark reads and intersectional feminism.

👉 Explore Carmilla Voiez’s Blog

Don’t forget, you can find a complete list of all the participating blogs over on our Participants Page. Stay tuned for more fantastic horror content throughout the week!

Happy haunting…oops, I mean happy reading! 📚

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