The Editor’s Corner – Storytelling Ideas

Since last week I wrote about my progress with Mercy Hospital, I thought this week I’d publish a bit about what many new writers dread: ideas for a story that don’t go anywhere. Thanks to a constant reader for requesting this installment theme. “Where do you get your ideas?” is likely the most common question

The Editor’s Corner – Polysyndeton

Last week I took a break to bring you some poetry, and I’m delighted it was well-received. This week, I bring us back to The Editor’s Corner to talk about polysyndeton. I can just hear you now: “Anne, are you making up words now? We’re still early on with The Editor’s Corner, for crying out

The Editor’s Corner – Adjective Abuse

Last week I threw you a red herring to pull you off track for copy editing. But now that’s over, this week we’re back to talking about adjective use, or rather, adjective abuse. Adjectives are fine, but too many of them can wind up being boring and repetitive. Yes, they’re useful in telling a person

The Editor’s Corner – Red Herrings

Welcome to another edition of The Editor’s Corner. Let’s fish around and see what kind of devices we can reel in here: red herrings. Okay—enough with the puns. I know you didn’t come here to laugh and/or roll your eyes at my punderful style. What is a red herring? A red herring, in literature, is

The Editor’s Corner – The Rough Draft

As you know, last week we just finished up a section on grief in The Psych Writer Series. So this week I wanted to take a break and head to The Editor’s Corner. After all, we’re writers, not psychologists. (For those of you enjoying TPW, we’ll get back to it soon!) I have a little

The Geek Writer: Using Technology to Self-Publish Your Novel – ProWritingAid

After my piece on ProWritingAid’s blog about planning your novel, I’m back for a look at the world of self-publishing your novel and how to get through editing, cover design, and publishing platforms. Take a look at The Geek Writer: Using Technology to Self-Publish Your Novel – ProWritingAid and as always, happy writing. By the way, you

The Self-Published Guide to Editing

Last month, I did a guest post for Author’s Publish called Five Free & Cheap Editing Options for your Manuscript. (By the way, if you haven’t signed up for their guides and newsletters, do it. They’re a great resource.) When you’re going the route of self-publishing, you have to rely on yourself to do everything. These

Too Much or Too Little: Pacing Problems

Janice Hardy, back in 2011, wrote an article on Fiction University about pacing problems and how to fix them, called Move Along: Fixing Pacing Problems. Five years later, it’s still relevant. If you’re a writer, you know that pacing is important. Personally, my greatest issue I’ve worked hard to overcome is rushing the ending. I have