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What is your writing process like? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 4 of 8

If you have a good editor, they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest. When you’re a new writer, that can be intimidating. Well, tough shit. Rip that bandage off right now because if you really want to get published, and you really want your book to be good, then you need to build up some serious tough skin.

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Editing Progress – Mercy Hospital

As brutal as the editing process can be, I have to say it’s fun for me, and therapeutic. I enjoy taking a raw story to the editor and having him tear it apart.

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The Editor’s Corner – Dialogue Attribution

Ever have trouble making your dialogue pop? The Editor’s Corner will help you write dialogue attribution that won’t make your reader hate you.

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The Editor’s Corner – The “Deadly” Adverb

When I was a professional editor, I got to review people’s writing before it was published, and I wound up seeing some common errors that beginners make.

These mistakes can make it more difficult to get published.

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