Hiatus for a Companion Animal

hiatus, noun: pause, interruption via┬áThesaurus.com. Indeed, I am on a hiatus for the moment as I attempt to get myself together after a long previous month of NaNoWriMo and having to say goodbye to my beloved dog, Morticia, who has terminal cancer that we’re watching carefully. Please bear with me, and I will return soon.

Writing Your Weakness

A few months ago, I wrote about endings. Endings are my weakness. Well, they used to be my weakness, till I started focusing on them. Now they’re often much better and stronger than my beginnings. With practice, I’ve managed to evolve a stronger ending with decent pacing, and that doesn’t fall flat (most of the

In The End…

So I’m working on a short story right now. It’s going to run around 12,000 words when it’s finished, and right at the moment, I’m working towards the ending. Those aren’t easy for me, but they’re something I’ve improved upon over the years with a lot of practice. I have some choices to make. I’m