Goodbye to a Companion Animal | The Macabre Author

I had gone on a short break after learning that my pup was terminally ill in Hiatus for a Companion Animal | The Macabre Author. I am officially back and am going to stay back. Today, my sweet pup died suddenly (either a blood clot to the brain or heart). We are bereaved. When I first

Hiatus for a Companion Animal

hiatus, noun: pause, interruption via Indeed, I am on a hiatus for the moment as I attempt to get myself together after a long previous month of NaNoWriMo and having to say goodbye to my beloved dog, Morticia, who has terminal cancer that we’re watching carefully. Please bear with me, and I will return soon.

New Book, New Hook or: I Hate Pants

I write these ahead of time, you know. My time-management skills are actually pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I even manage to get a good night’s sleep about 45% of the time, and that’s only on account of the violent night terrors and nightmare disorder that rouses me to consciousness about three

Farewell to a Friend

I think I got a sign from Becky Sun Dennis (a friend of mine who was a wonderful artist) to write this today. Something I’d been thinking about writing for a while (since I first heard she was making her transition).   A long while ago, when Becky and I had formed a bond through

Temporary Hiatus

Hello friends. Due to a personal matter and being busy with writing, editing, and other things, I have taken a break from blogging. When I return, the blog will hopefully have a new look, and there will be more diverse subject matter that incorporates my background in psychology as well as other subjects. But it

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