Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’: Bullying and its Psychological Consequences

In the realm of horror literature and cinema, few works have left as profound an impact as Stephen King’s novel “Carrie” and its film adaptation directed by Brian De Palma. The story centers around a tormented high school girl named Carrie White, who possesses telekinetic powers and ultimately snaps under the relentless bullying and mistreatment

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Horror: A Safe Haven for Coping with Real-Life Trauma

Horror, in all its forms—books, movies, and other media—has captivated audiences for centuries. However, beyond the spine-chilling tales and fear-inducing narratives, lies a profound connection between horror and individuals who have experienced real-life trauma, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex-PTSD (C-PTSD). As a horror writer and former therapist, I have observed the intriguing

Attacks on Horror Part II

Here are a few more subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on the horror genre. These posts first appeared on Quora. Is it true that the more you watch thriller horror movies, the more will you think bad about life? Not at all. There is no evidence to support this idea at all. In fact, horror films

Atheists & Addiction Recovery: The Higher Power

I haven’t had a Mental Health Monday article in a while, but this is one that I’d been thinking of doing for some time. One of the most accessible and free tools for addiction recovery is Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. AA and NA provide a safe space for addicts to recover, to depend on

The Zen Art of Minding Your Own F*cking Business – Final Post

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, I’ve decided to keep this final part very brief and to the point. We are, as a society, practicing social distancing and yet there is still the nagging feeling of people having the need to put each other down and act like general jerks to one another over social media. I

The Zen Art of Minding Your Own F*cking Business – Part IV

There are a few thousand reasons why people engage in this kind of behavior. If there weren’t benefits and rewards to the behavior, then people wouldn’t engage in it. Examining the general benefits for bullying and why we do it can help us put a stop to it. 

The Zen Art of Minding Your Own F*cking Business – Part I

As many of you know, I’m first and foremost a horror writer. It’s what I do. I like to make characters who die horrible deaths at the hands of cosmic terror, evil people, and make characters suffer for their actions. In real life, I am a kind person. I don’t like to be classified as