» 5 Things You Need to Know as an Indie Author

This week, I’m taking the time off to take care of things around my household. But I don’t want to leave you hanging! Recently, I came across an article called 5 Things You Need to Know as an Indie Author. I really like Authors Publish. Their online periodical actually offers helpful advice for people who

Pleasant Publishing with Pronoun

Ugh, even that title sounds like an advert. But I promise it’s really not. I’m receiving no compensation from Pronoun for writing this. I just wanted to share my experience for all of the indie writers out there who are looking for a platform to get their work out for public consumption. Back in October,

The Geek Writer: Using Technology to Self-Publish Your Novel – ProWritingAid

After my piece on ProWritingAid’s blog about planning your novel, I’m back for a look at the world of self-publishing your novel and how to get through editing, cover design, and publishing platforms. Take a look at The Geek Writer: Using Technology to Self-Publish Your Novel – ProWritingAid and as always, happy writing. By the way, you

On DMCA & Writer Fury

In case you didn’t know, the DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For a good definition and in-depth look, you can read the Wikipedia page, but here is how they sum it up: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United Statescopyrightlaw that implements two 1996 treaties of theWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It

Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing?

This is a brief post this week about my personal journey to being published, and why I’ve avoided self-publishing to the point where I’m just about phobic of it. Photo courtesy of MorgueFile. I’m more terrified of self-publishing than of this spider. But that’s just me. Really, a person can get a great deal of