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Michael Myers was Framed

What if Michael Myers didn’t kill his sister Judith?

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What is your writing process like? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 4 of 8

If you have a good editor, they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest. When you’re a new writer, that can be intimidating. Well, tough shit. Rip that bandage off right now because if you really want to get published, and you really want your book to be good, then you need to build up some serious tough skin.

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Let It Simmer: On Writing a Story

Can’t write a story from beginning to end? Here are a few tips that might help conquer your work.

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Where do you get your ideas? Anne shares her experience of beating her muse to death and writing anyway.

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Write Away

The week before last (couldn’t post last week due to other writing projects taking precedence) I went on a bit about needing a muse, or rather, not needing a muse.That’s what this whole blog is about, after all.In my personal...

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