Guest post: October Frights: Starblood, by Carmilla Voiez

Starblood was first released in 2011, just after my 40 th birthday. Since then, new books have beenadded, and for 2023 the three novels Starblood, Psychonaut and The Death and Resurrection Showhave been polished, edited and have gorgeous new covers courtesy of Paul Grover (AoS design). “In a market flooded with badly written supernatural romances

Indian children watching movies on tablet at night

Horror: A Safe Haven for Coping with Real-Life Trauma

Horror, in all its forms—books, movies, and other media—has captivated audiences for centuries. However, beyond the spine-chilling tales and fear-inducing narratives, lies a profound connection between horror and individuals who have experienced real-life trauma, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex-PTSD (C-PTSD). As a horror writer and former therapist, I have observed the intriguing

The Look and Feel of (Kirsty) Cotton

Welcome, dear readers, to another chilling exploration into the realm of horror cinema. Today, we delve into the twisted and infernal world of Kirsty Cotton, one of the finest examples of a final girl in the genre. In the Hellraiser franchise’s first two installments, Kirsty faces unimaginable horrors and adversaries, exhibiting a remarkable strength of

Nancy Thompson: The Ultimate Final Girl

I had a chat with Michael the other night while we were watching a run-of-the-mill slasher that shall remain unnamed. Now I’m dragging you into it, dear reader. Let’s venture into the twisted realm of nightmares and explore the tenacity and resilience of one of horror cinema’s most iconic figures: Nancy Thompson from Wes Craven’s

When Worlds Collide— Exclusive Interview with John Fountain

This is a crosspost from my new Medium blog. You should check it out! Welcome to The Author’s Angle — a look into the minds of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy authors. I’m your host, Lucienne LeBeau, author of the Silver Hollow Trilogy and short stories. Recently, through a group and podcast I’m involved in called El

A Response to Rowling

I wasn’t going to respond to JK Rowling’s essay at first. Even though she claims to have done almost two years of research on trans issues, she seems to have missed reading the entire WPATH standards of care and is under the impression that we have children changing gender willy-nilly without any real good cause.

The Chill Air

  The Chill Air by the-walking-doctor on Polyvore It’s amazing that it snowed so much here in Georgia. We’ve been living here 11 years and never really saw more than an inch or two. This year we got eight, and it stuck around for some time. That was interesting. It got me thinking about polar

And the Winners Are…

Well, I randomly chose three winners for my book giveaway, but two were stuck together, so I’ve added a bonus winner! Haunt Cadia, Arnold Terrell, Lisa Baucom Judy, and Kristy Graham each get a free, signed copy of Now Entering Silver Hollow. Come on over to my Facebook page to find out how to claim your

The Psych Writer on Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Gilderoy Lockhart. Zaphod Beeblebrox. Scarlett O’Hara. What do these three characters have in common? Well, if you read the title, then you could guess they’re all different portrayals of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Even though I enjoyed reading those books, and find many parts of their characterizations to be spot-on accurate, your job as a writer is not