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Below is a round-up of my Stephen King related answers on Quora. Is Pennywise the Clown a supernatural demon in Stephen King’s It (the TV miniseries and the upcoming 2017 remake film & its sequel)? No, it’s not a demon in the traditional Christian sense. Olga Akselrad has a well-founded answer. IT came through the space

What makes Annie Wilkes a terrifying villain?

This post first appeared on Quora March 15, 2020. What makes Annie Wilkes a terrifying villain? The embodiment of our worst nightmares as humans: being vulnerable and at the mercy of someone incapable of kindness. Annie Wilkes is a nurse. We tend to trust nurses. Nurses are awesome (and I’m not just saying that because

What are some horrifying childhood stories?

This post originally appeared on Quora February 19, 2020. What are some childhood horrifying stories? I have several and have detailed them in other answers. I survived attempted murder when I was eight. That same year, I survived two attempted kidnappings. The attempted murder was a neighbor who tried to drown me in our backyard

A Response to Rowling

I wasn’t going to respond to JK Rowling’s essay at first. Even though she claims to have done almost two years of research on trans issues, she seems to have missed reading the entire WPATH standards of care and is under the impression that we have children changing gender willy-nilly without any real good cause.

Why don’t you write like Harry Potter novels or something? Those make lots of money. The Writer’s FAQ, Part 8 of 8

It’s been a pleasing week, seeing how much people have enjoyed my story on Facebook. If you’ve not been following the story, not to worry—head on over to The Macabre Author and go back to the beginning of October to catch up. All told, it’s a less than five-minute read about a severed finger and

What’s your writing about? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 3 of 8

So far what we’ve learned is that no one knows where ideas come from, and that writers don’t enjoy talking about how much money they make (and it’s a rude question). This week, in part three of the writer’s FAQ, we get to explore a better question. When I tell people I’m a writer, I

HOT – ‘PSYCHONAUT’ by Carmilla Voiez – Plus FREE STUFF

I love to promote indie authors, especially those with the talent and imagination of Carmilla Voiez. So without further ado, please be sure to take a gander at her new release, Psychonaut. The full press release is below. What would you do for the one you love? Satori would travel worlds and battle demons, but

Where do you get your ideas? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 1 of 8

When I tell people I’m a writer, I typically get a slew of questions. Aside from “are you published?” (yes) and “where can I buy your books” (here), I’d like to take a moment to answer some of the questions people seem to like to ask me, how I feel about those questions, and which

Discover Stephen Bentley: It’s his turn now…

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the wonderful Stephen Bentley. You can find it here: Discover Anne Hogue-Boucher: Author Spotlight – Stephen Bentley So now I’d like to chat with you a little bit about Stephen and just how cool he is. I mean, he’s mega-cool. He’s cool

Facepalm Time: Stupid Things Authors Believe, Part 1

I found this article from Authors Publish (and encourage all writers to subscribe to their newsletter. In this article, Stupid Things Authors Believe, Part 1, Kurt Bubna tackles the idea that if it’s not ‘original,’ it should be scrapped. I’d also like to add my two cents on the stupid things authors believe. There are plenty

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