Guest post: October Frights: The Colour of Lovecraft, by Carmilla Voiez

H.P. Lovecraft is infamous for his racism and xenophobia, even by the standards of his time,championing KKK lynchings and warning against the mixing of races. So, it is enjoyable to watch hismythos being reimagined by writers of colour and used as a source to develop stories featuringprotagonists of colour. For the fourth day of October

Guest post: October Frights: Evil Dead Rise, by Carmilla Voiez

For day three of October Frights, I am reviewing Evil Dead Rise. For anyone who wants to check itout, it’s currently available on Netflix, and probably lots of other streaming apps and sites. I love the Evil Dead franchise. It’s probably my favourite of all the horror franchises, although I’m afickle fan and sometimes my

Guest post: October Frights: Talk to Me, by Carmilla Voiez

On the second day of October Frights, Carmilla gives to you, a review of Talk to Me. Released by A24, Talk to Me is a rollercoaster of a horror flick with gross out mutilation and someshocking scenes. Sophie Wilde is compelling as Mia, a young woman whose mum died two yearsearlier. It’s her need to

Guest post: Welcome to October Frights, by Carmilla Voiez

Between October 10 and 15, horror and paranormal authors will be sharing their thoughts and writing with the unsuspecting public. Before I share links to the other participants, giveaways and a book fair, here are two 100 word short stories, Missing and Stolen Colours, to get you in the mood for our Spookfest. I recorded

October Frights – Day One – Nightfall

“Dawn is far more frightening than nightfall if you think about it, John,” she said, flicking the ash of her cigarette onto the ground. “I mean, look around. The dark keeps our secrets. The dark lets us really be free. People say if you shed light on the monsters, the monsters aren’t so frightening. Maybe