Mental Health Monday – Case #2 – Treatment Resistant Depression

This is the second of a four-part series on mental health disorders and how real people handle them. These people are your neighbors, brothers, sisters, children, parents, even your grandparents. You know them. They’re around you every day. Well, not specifically these interviewees, no, but you get the idea. They are perfectly normal people facing

Mental Health Monday: Medicine & Mental Illness

Some of my beloved humans on Facebook are starting on a medication journey to help them with different mental health issues. The following series is dedicated to them. The Analogy: Mental Illness has stigma written all over it. Let’s work on changing that. Medications Bazaar: An overview of how medications for psychological issues are prescribed

The Psych Writer: Introducing Depression

This is part of a series of The Psych Writer. I tend to write about pretty heavy topics because they’re mainly about mental illness, and though there are many things we can laugh and joke about to alleviate pain, these topics can be painful for some. So I ask you to stay with me and

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