What is your writing process like? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 4 of 8

If you have a good editor, they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest. When you’re a new writer, that can be intimidating. Well, tough shit. Rip that bandage off right now because if you really want to get published, and you really want your book to be good, then you need to build up some serious tough skin.

What’s your writing about? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 3 of 8

So far what we’ve learned is that no one knows where ideas come from, and that writers don’t enjoy talking about how much money they make (and it’s a rude question). This week, in part three of the writer’s FAQ, we get to explore a better question. When I tell people I’m a writer, I

How much money do you make? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 2 of 8

Last week, I wrote about the number one question that writers get, and this week, I’m writing about the second most common question that writers get, and probably one of the most annoying ones. I’ve found this question to be more common from Americans, who are bottom-line driven. When I tell people I’m a writer,

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