Mental Health Monday: Keep on Keepin’ On

This is the final in the series of all-about-psychotropics: how to stay on your medications and hang in there. Perhaps the toughest part of staying on a medication is getting through the first few weeks. There’s little reward out of it because of the initial side effects that can be bothersome. Now, there’s no point

Medications Bazaar II: What to Expect on Psychotropics

Last time with Mental Health Monday, we explored the different classes of psychoactive medications and how they work on neurotransmitters in the brain. Now you know there’s a lot to consider when prescribing these medicines, and when it’s necessary to see a psychiatric NP or psychiatrist. When I worked at the psychiatric hospital in social

Mental Health Monday – Medications Bazaar I: Meet Your Psych Medications

This post is part of the Psych Writer series on how psychopharmaceuticals work. They’re also called psychoactive or psychotropic. Those all mean the same thing: they’re medications that work to change your brain with what it’s missing so that you can get back your functioning. This post is for educational purposes only, and doesn’t cover