Why don’t you write like Harry Potter novels or something? Those make lots of money. The Writer’s FAQ, Part 8 of 8

It’s been a pleasing week, seeing how much people have enjoyed my story on Facebook. If you’ve not been following the story, not to worry—head on over to The Macabre Author and go back to the beginning of October to catch up. All told, it’s a less than five-minute read about a severed finger and

Why do you write horror? What’s wrong with you? The Writer’s FAQ – Part 7 of 8

When I tell people I’m a writer, I typically get a slew of questions. Aside from “are you published?” (yes) and “where can I buy your books” (here), I’m tackling the most common ones that people seem to like to ask me, how I feel about those questions, and which ones you should never ask

Do you ever get writer’s block? The writer’s FAQ, part 6 of 8

ANNOUNCEMENT: There have been a few negative comments on my Facebook page, and I understand. Mostly it comes from people having very little to do in their lives. Luckily the admins and I have been deleting the comments. Generally, I follow the “be nice, be respectful” rule. If you don’t have anything constructive to say,

What is your writing process like? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 4 of 8

If you have a good editor, they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest. When you’re a new writer, that can be intimidating. Well, tough shit. Rip that bandage off right now because if you really want to get published, and you really want your book to be good, then you need to build up some serious tough skin.

What’s your writing about? The Writer’s FAQ, Part 3 of 8

So far what we’ve learned is that no one knows where ideas come from, and that writers don’t enjoy talking about how much money they make (and it’s a rude question). This week, in part three of the writer’s FAQ, we get to explore a better question. When I tell people I’m a writer, I