via The Abject Fear of Writing? 8 Quotes That Will Change How You See Writer’s Block.

I’m not usually one for those “motivational” posts, but I have to say, this set of graphics from Authors Publish is fantastic.

This is for people who say they “don’t have a muse.” I call bullshit. Just admit that you’re too tired, too lazy, too sick, or whatever the real excuse is. Because that’s all it is: an excuse.

If you’re blocked, think about why you’re really blocked. You could be afraid of failure, or you could be afraid of success. Kick your “muse” out the window, sit down, and write something. Write even when you don’t feel like it (or at least admit you don’t feel like it and stop blaming some outer force).

This Saturday, I will have to put my 17-year-old cat to sleep. I am extremely sad about this, even though I know and accept that it has to happen (without going into detail, it is clear to me that it’s time). I hate having to do it.

I could let that be my excuse, couldn’t I? I could say, “oh, my muse won’t let me write.” Fuck that noise. I am sad, I am grieving the loss about to come, and I am doing my best to give this sweet cat a huge party and send off every day, because she deserves it for 17 years of faithful companionship.

But I still get up, sit at my laptop, and work on my writing. I may take a few days off to grieve, but I will climb back into the saddle and ride again.

Even though I will likely take a break, I sure as hell won’t blame a “lack of muse.”

If I can do it, then so can you. I’m not anything special. I’m not Wonder Woman (it’s funnier when Bernard Black says that on Black Books).

Enjoy these quotes, and hopefully it’ll help you kick your muse to the curb and write.