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The Unsung Elegy of Horror in ‘Glorious’

For enthusiasts of the horror genre, tales that probe the darkest corners of the human psyche and the monsters lurking therein are irresistible. Among such tales, ‘Glorious’ emerges not merely as a captivating narrative, but as an ode to Lovecraftian mythos and the duality of human nature. Leading the artistic vision of ‘Glorious’ is the

Guest post: Our Fearful Roots, by Carmilla Voiez

Mary relocates her family to her aunt’s old house in Alabama, a place she fled from sixteenyears earlier. When her family experiences odd and threatening occurrences, Mary dismisses them asdreams or heat-induced hallucinations. Can Mary accept the truth before it is too late to save her family? Our Fearful Roots is a Southern Gothic Horror

Guest post: October Frights: Starblood, by Carmilla Voiez

Starblood was first released in 2011, just after my 40 th birthday. Since then, new books have beenadded, and for 2023 the three novels Starblood, Psychonaut and The Death and Resurrection Showhave been polished, edited and have gorgeous new covers courtesy of Paul Grover (AoS design). “In a market flooded with badly written supernatural romances

Guest post: October Frights: The Colour of Lovecraft, by Carmilla Voiez

H.P. Lovecraft is infamous for his racism and xenophobia, even by the standards of his time,championing KKK lynchings and warning against the mixing of races. So, it is enjoyable to watch hismythos being reimagined by writers of colour and used as a source to develop stories featuringprotagonists of colour. For the fourth day of October

Guest post: October Frights: Evil Dead Rise, by Carmilla Voiez

For day three of October Frights, I am reviewing Evil Dead Rise. For anyone who wants to check itout, it’s currently available on Netflix, and probably lots of other streaming apps and sites. I love the Evil Dead franchise. It’s probably my favourite of all the horror franchises, although I’m afickle fan and sometimes my

October Frights Blog Hop

October Frights Blog Hop: A Duo of Dread Hello, horror aficionados! The second day of our October Frights Blog Hop is here, and we’re eager to share some reads from fellow horror bloggers. 🎃 The World of James P Nettles First on our list is James P Nettles, who is a science fiction, fantasy, and

Guest post: October Frights: Talk to Me, by Carmilla Voiez

On the second day of October Frights, Carmilla gives to you, a review of Talk to Me. Released by A24, Talk to Me is a rollercoaster of a horror flick with gross out mutilation and someshocking scenes. Sophie Wilde is compelling as Mia, a young woman whose mum died two yearsearlier. It’s her need to

Guest post: Welcome to October Frights, by Carmilla Voiez

Between October 10 and 15, horror and paranormal authors will be sharing their thoughts and writing with the unsuspecting public. Before I share links to the other participants, giveaways and a book fair, here are two 100 word short stories, Missing and Stolen Colours, to get you in the mood for our Spookfest. I recorded

Feasting on Fear: An Exploration of the ‘Dinner Parties Gone Wrong’ Subgenre in Horror Cinema

The horror genre has a fascinating knack for delivering goosebumps in even the most mundane scenarios. Its transformative power can turn simple elements of daily life into pools of terror. One such unique setting that filmmakers have brilliantly exploited is the dinner party, and the subgenre “Dinner Parties Gone Wrong” emerges as a chilling, unsettling

Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’: Bullying and its Psychological Consequences

In the realm of horror literature and cinema, few works have left as profound an impact as Stephen King’s novel “Carrie” and its film adaptation directed by Brian De Palma. The story centers around a tormented high school girl named Carrie White, who possesses telekinetic powers and ultimately snaps under the relentless bullying and mistreatment

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